Critical Fumble Chart
Critical Spell Fumble Chart

Critical Cutting Weapon Chart
Critical Piercing Chart
Critical Crushing Weapon Chart
Critical Spell Chart

Critical Hit/Miss Modification, v1.2
The following types of damage are applied in combat.

  • Non-critical hit: as presented in PF rules.
  • Confirming Critical hits and fumbles is as explained in the Pathfinder Core rules.
  • Possible critical with failed confirmation: hit does maximum weapon damage + all applicable DMs.
  • Confirmed Critical hit: Roll d100 on the appropriate weapon type chart and apply the results of the hit.
  • Critical confirmed with a ‘20’ on d20: roll d10+90 and apply the result from the appropriate weapon chart.
  • Wpn. Crit.: Apply the critical hit associated with the weapon or treat the weapon as a 2x critical weapon if critical is not specified.
  1. 2x – maximum weapons damage + rolled weapon damage + all applicable DMs.
  2. 3x – 2 times maximum weapons damage + rolled weapon damage + all applicable DMs.
  3. 4x – 3 times maximum weapons damage + rolled weapon damage + all applicable DMs.
  4. Continue pattern for critical damage larger than 4x
  • 2×. Wpn. Crit. – Wpn. Crit. as above and then double the total.
  • Any critical roll labeled “…N/A if…” still does critical damage as marked (2x, 3x, etc.).
  • Healed indicates that all damage from the wound must be healed (either magically or naturally). Critical hit effects remain with then character until the HP’s associated with the damage are healed.
  • Comp. Healed means the effects associated with the critical hit remain with the character until all existing damage is completely healed.
  • Incapacitated means the affected character/creature cannot move, defend themselves, attack or perform any action other than breath and bleed. Bleeding characters/creatures lose 1 hit point per round until completely healed. First aid does not stop the bleeding from this type of damage.
  • A “1” on an attack roll always misses and provides a chance for a fumble. On a confirmed fumble, consult the appropriate fumble chart.
  • A fumble confirmed with a “1” on d20 causes the following
  1. Non-spell fumble: Weapon breaks, DC17 to only drop weapon. Each plus of the weapon gains a corresponding DM to the save (2 weapon receives a +2 DM to the save).
  2. Spell fumble: roll twice, apply all results.

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