Organizations, Guilds and Groups

Official Guild’s of the Barony

Each guild requires membership if you are going to practice your trade in the Barony and the Baron supports this. Guild fees are a base 25gp/level/year, with varying additional fees, depending on what you plan to do; all paid up front. Practicing is defined as doing anything like fighting, casting spells, singing, stealing, etc. whether you are profiting from the action or not, within the area claimed by the Barony. Setting up a shop and selling a service is an entirely different set of fees and requirements.

Guild membership is optional until 4th level is reached (or you set up shop). If you set a business, even selling out of your shed, there is a 20% tax, 10% to the baron, 5% to the guild and 5% to the city (if you are within 20 miles of the center of town, otherwise the baron gets it). Farmers also tithe 20% of their product to the barony. Penalties for non-payment or cheating are EXTREME! Magical, mundane and Divine sources are used to detect fraud. It’s not impossible to avoid paying, but it isn’t easy. And since everything not grown, or made, or mined in the Barony must come in by sea, add transportation and import tax to that (basically the reason most items are 150% of normal cost)

Less than Official Organizations in the Barony:

  • HARP (halfling assisted repopulation project),
  • BOVINE (Baron or valor investigation negotiation exploration)

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Organizations, Guilds and Groups

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