Welcome to Trellheim!

Fifteen Hundred years have passed since the appearance of Arjonway’s Bane in the sky and the devastation which heralded its passing. Seas rose, entire land areas were forever submerged and strange beings were seen walking the land. The Halfling and Gnome races were all but destroyed when the earth opened and swallowed their homelands, allowing the sea to rush in, removing all traces of the lands of the wee folk. Then the Sky rain began, raining all sized pieces of ice, rock, and even precious metals. Some were the size of pebbles; most were larger. The largest of these cut an entire mountain range and changed the face of the planet forever.
For over 1000 years humans, demi-humans and humanoids struggled to survive as the very face of the planet was changed. Most died, few prospered and only the strong survived.
About 400 years ago, that all changed. From the ruins of what was once the mightiest kingdom, a small nation sprouted. Under the rule of the half-elf Tarsus, the kingdom swiftly expanded to cover a good area of land and the surrounding shore. Control was not complete, for there were too many dangers, both living and undead, but still there was prosperity and safety, of a sort.
Three hundred years have passed since the founding of the Grand Duchy of Trell and most of the world is still unexplored. Other pockets of civilization have been discovered, as well as large areas of ruin and many artifacts from the bygone age. Great wealth is there to be had for those willing to risk all. But beware, for every adventurer who gains wealth and fame, dozens die or are maimed. Do you have what it takes to gather the treasures of the ages and carve out your place in history? Only time will tell…

Welcome to my *Pathfinder*™ campaign, based in my homegrown world of Trellheim. I have been running campaigns in this world, on and off, since 1975, using a variety of FRPG rules, so the world itself is fairly well developed. This particular campaign starts in the Barony of Borr, an area originally described in the AD&D adventure King Oleg’s Dilemma, by Lee Shephard from the Dungeons of Despair anthology from TSR published in 1999.

Trellheim - The Borr Barony

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